Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Photograph courtesy of Matt Blum Photography.

Today was the big day.  William got on that bus for middle school. At 7:15, almost two hours earlier than he started elementary school.

With a color-coded organizer in his backpack and multiple copies of a color-coded schedule, he took a big leap today.

A leap from the cloistered environment of elementary school to the three-story labyrinth of the middle school.  From a place where the gap between ages 5 and 11 seems benign compared to that from ages 11 to 15. From one primary teacher that can really get to know him, to six different teachers that won’t have that same opportunity.  From a lunchroom where there might be 75 kids at most, followed by recess, to a cafeteria which strains to hold 250 kids and no outdoor time.  Yes, it’s a leap.

And, it is a leap of faith for us as well.  Faith in his desire to go to public middle school, and faith in the school system to do right by him.  I suppose it shows faith in ourselves, as well, to advocate properly, to guide just enough, and to continually assess if this is the best fit.

Although I have to say right now it feels more like a baby step of faith than a leap.  But increasingly, I see that this may be how it works for me.  I had enough faith in all of us to make it through one day, today, and it went well.  William got off the bus at 3 o’clock tired and hungry, but smiling and ready for a high five.

Which is a step, or maybe even a small leap, in the right direction.

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